• A.P.C Grace Mini Bag Review
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    Wearing a #redbag – A.P.C Grace Mini Bag Review

    Ever since I learned about the A.P.C. brand, I have always lusted over their Grace bag, I think it is such an iconic bag and a staple for everyone who wants to embrace French Fashion. It’s a minimalist design bag but wearing it makes you look so chic. The moment I laid eyes on it, I was certain that I wanted it in the striking red or burgundy shade. The Grace bag’s distinctive box-shaped design pairs exceptionally well with bold colours, elevating its style quotient to a whole new level. Ultimately, I decided on the red variant, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. If you’re interested in delving…

  • Lip Balm review
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    Lip Balm Review – It’s Lip Balm Season

    October to March, the weather tends to be drier. This can cause chapped lips. Consequently, your lips might peel, bleed etc. On top of that, applying lipstick on cracked lips isn’t only painful but prone to patchy lipstick. Therefore, the colder months are the perfect time to stock up on your lip-balms. I am sharing three of the lip balms I tried so that you can make the best purchases to soothe the dry lip this season. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment Initially, when I came to Canada, I wanted something very moisturizing because where I came from is mostly humid. Any lip balm worked. During my earlier days in Canada,…

  • Kiehl's Eye Treatment Review

    Kiehl’s Eye Treatment Review – Contains Avocado

    The Kiehl’s Eye Treatment is a very famous eye cream due to its creamy consistency that works wonders when it comes to hydrating yours under eyes. However, the price can scare you away. Especially when you can get cheaper alternative eye-creams that are also formulated with its special ingredient – avocado. I received a sample of this product with one of my order from the Hudson Bay. I got the opportunity to try the Kiehl’s Eye Treatment with Avocado. Kiehl’s Eye Treatment Review I am elated that I got exposed to such a product. It’s by far the best eye cream I ever used when it comes to making my…

  • NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

    Cheap but Chic Lipstick : NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

    During my recent Downtown Toronto trip, I stopped by at the Rexall ( Drugstore) with the intention of not getting anything – we all know that likely won’t happen. Lol!  The makeup’s section was among the first set of areas I checked.  I stumbled upon the NYC lipsticks. I was surprised at how inexpensive the NYC Expert Last Lipcolor (Approx. C$1 and something) were. Plus there were many promotions that were happening at the store on the day during my visit. The one that quickly grabbed my attention was the ‘buy one NYC lipstick and get one for 50%’. A really awesome bargain especially since the lipsticks were already very…

  • Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner Review

    Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner Review

    This one of those product that I contemplated on whether to get or not. Since this toner contained witch hazel I could have just get witch hazel to use as my toner which would have been a fraction of the cost of this clarifying toner – C$32. I get the Kate Somerville Clarifying toner because I recently started to get hormonal acne – painful cystic acne around my jaw area. So I wanted something that can help this. I have read that this toner really does a good job in clearing up adult acne plus it won’t dry up the skin. Also, it has properties that can help with lightening acne…

  • Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer Review

    FARMACY Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer Review

    I received a sample size of the Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer with Echinacea GreenEnvy from Sephora. But I didn’t want to do a review about this moisturizer until I purchase the full-size product. Personally, there are times when I get really hyped up after using a sample size product which lead me to get the full-size version. However, I don’t always get the same effect when using the full-size product like I do with the sample size. Luckily, I received the same reaction when using the full size of the Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer like I did with its sample size.   FARMACY Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer Review I…

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    Essence How to make Brows wow – Review Yay or Nay?

    The packaging of the Essence How to make Brows Wow is very eye-catching; I literally purchased this product because how beautiful the package is. Its packaging has a similar look like the Benefit Cosmetics Packaging; big bold cursive letters, bright colours, cute pattern etc. The packaging of the brow palette is very sturdy and light.The container of the palette is made of that shiny hardcover paper material. It has a reasonable size mirror. All this makes it a travel-friendly item. Compared to luxury products it is very inexpensive; I paid CAD $9.99 plus tax for it. Essence How to make brows wow – YAY or NAY? NAY! Nice package and…

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    Andalou naturals 1000 roses beautiful day cream: Sister Review

    Again I have asked my sister to do a review of a product she is using, Andalou naturals 1000 roses beautiful day cream. I did not want to review something that I have only used like twice. From time to time I will be doing these kinds of posts because my sister has sensitive skin and I have combination skin. So she incorporates different products in her skincare routine.  My aim is to provide honest feedbacks to my amazing readers about products that are available so they can know what to try or what not to try. Sister Review 🙂 🙂 , the Andalou naturals 1000 roses beautiful day cream My…

  • clinique city block sheer review

    Clinique City Block Sheer Review – Face Protector

    On one Saturday I went to a Hudson Bay outlet with the sole intention of buying the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF. Unfortunately, the outlet I went to didn’t sell that product. I was looking forward to getting that moisturizer. I really would like to include more products in my beauty collection that have SPF. Recently, I have been experiencing break-outs around my chin area. I had read that if SPF is neglected your skin will be more prone to breakouts. I could have just left the store because I didn’t get what I came for. But when I am surrounded by beauty products, I do get very excited…

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    Worth the Hype? Glossier Stretch Concealer review

    We know when Glossier was launched, their Stretch Concealer was one of the product every YouTubers and blogger were raving about. Since I wanted to try out a new concealer, what better one to try than the ‘Glossier Stretch Concealer‘. Thankfully the day I decided to purchase it, the Glossier Canada website was offering free shipping plus I stumbled upon 20% discount code 🙂 . Other than the high praise about this concealer, the fact that it contains avocado oil was a selling point for me. I recently started to get under eye dark-circle, according to many, the nutritional fatty acids of avocado stimulate the blood circulation all around the eye making dark circle less…