Worth the Hype? Glossier Stretch Concealer review

We know when Glossier was launched, their Stretch Concealer was one of the product every YouTubers and blogger were raving about. Since I wanted to try out a new concealer, what better one to try than the ‘Glossier Stretch Concealer‘. Thankfully the day I decided to purchase it, the Glossier Canada website was offering free shipping plus I stumbled upon 20% discount code 🙂 . Other than the high praise about this concealer, the fact that it contains avocado oil was a selling point for me. I recently started to get under eye dark-circle, according to many, the nutritional fatty acids of avocado stimulate the blood circulation all around the eye making dark circle less intense.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

OK, enough rambling! What you been waiting for? Is the Glossier Stretch Concealer worth it?

In my opinion, yes, it was one of the best concealers I ever used. The texture of this concealer felt very dried but when applied, it’s not drying at all. It goes on smoothly and feels very hydrating too. The consistency of this concealer is not heavy but so creamy and soft. Therefore, very buildable without the cakey look but a nice dewy look. It applies beautifully.

In terms of coverage, I think it gives a medium coverage; it definitely does not make my dark circle completely invisible. But does a good job in trying to. Also, it creases very little when your under-eyes not very moisturized. SInce I got this concealer, I am always reaching for it.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

How I applied the Stretch Concealer?

There is no specific way I will follow when applying this concealer from my other concealers. Most of the time I used an eye-cream before I apply my concealer. I will gently dab the glossier stretch concealer under my eye and then spread it out using my finger. After that, I’ll then use the pointed tip of my makeup-sponge to blend it properly into my skin. This makes it look very natural. Then I will apply my foundation and set everything using a powder.

wearing glossier stretch concealer


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