Essence How to make Brows wow – Review Yay or Nay?

The packaging of the Essence How to make Brows Wow is very eye-catching; I literally purchased this product because how beautiful the package is. Its packaging has a similar look like the Benefit Cosmetics Packaging; big bold cursive letters, bright colours, cute pattern etc. The packaging of the brow palette is very sturdy and light.The container of the palette is made of that shiny hardcover paper material. It has a reasonable size mirror. All this makes it a travel-friendly item. Compared to luxury products it is very inexpensive; I paid CAD $9.99 plus tax for it.

Essence how to make Brows WOW

Essence How to make brows wow – YAY or NAY?

NAY! Nice package and inexpensive product, you might think you are getting a steal. Oh, you are so wrong, like they always say ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its cover’. I will change the name of this item from ‘Essence How to make brows wow’ to ‘Essence How to Make brows bad ‘. Even though each of the eyebrow powders is somewhat pigmented, the quality of this brow product is poor. When applied, it fades away like morning dew. If I have it on, my brows appear unnatural. The formula of the product is silky smooth.

Essence how to make Brows WOW

I really regret buying this item. This is one of the makeup items I never reached for and its purpose is to beautify my makeup collection. I guess this might be a suitable product for someone who is now trying out makeup bits and will like to play around with eyebrow powder.

What items can you find in this Essence How to make brows wow Palette?

(1) Three Eyebrows Powders – one for blondes, brunettes and beauties with black hair

(2) One Highlighter Powder

(3) A Tweezer

(4) An applicator

(5) A Styling Card

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