Cheap but Chic Lipstick : NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

During my recent Downtown Toronto trip, I stopped by at the Rexall ( Drugstore) with the intention of not getting anything – we all know that likely won’t happen. Lol!  The makeup’s section was among the first set of areas I checked.  I stumbled upon the NYC lipsticks. I was surprised at how inexpensive the NYC Expert Last Lipcolor (Approx. C$1 and something) were. Plus there were many promotions that were happening at the store on the day during my visit. The one that quickly grabbed my attention was the ‘buy one NYC lipstick and get one for 50%’. A really awesome bargain especially since the lipsticks were already very cheap. I swiftly single out two shades; ‘Berry Me’ & ‘Air Kiss‘. I selected shades that I was certain that I haven’t got in my collection.

NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

NYC Expert Last Lipcolor review

As soon I reached home, I hurriedly removed the lipsticks from the shopping bag that I kept them in. I didn’t get to swatch the shades when I was in the store. Hence, I was eager to try these budget-friendly lip colours. Especially, since it was the first time I was trying the NYC Expert Last Lipcolor. First, I applied the super bright pinkish shade – ‘Air Kiss‘. I immediately fell in love with how beautiful the lipstick applied; It glides effortlessly on the lips. It was such a gorgeous colour that does not show up too bright. In my opinion, this will be a great summer or spring time lipstick. It will instantly add spark to any look.

I simply adore that shade but my favourite out of the two shades have to be ‘Berry Me’. It is such a pretty mauve shade that will complement many looks. This will be a shade that I can see myself constantly reaching for. The NYC Expert Last Lipcolor was very comfortable on my lip. These lipsticks were very moisturizing, creamy and silky. Their quality appears just as good as any luxury lipstick that I’ve.

A tiny issue about these lipsticks – they’ve a sweet fruity scent to it. In terms of longevity, it isn’t too bad. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to wear them for a full day. But for the cost, I’m sure a little touch up will able to fix the problem.

I will rate the NYC Expert Last Lipcolor – 4/5 .

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