Lip Balm Review – It’s Lip Balm Season

Lip Balm review

October to March, the weather tends to be drier. This can cause chapped lips. Consequently, your lips might peel, bleed etc. On top of that, applying lipstick on cracked lips isn’t only painful but prone to patchy lipstick. Therefore, the colder months are the perfect time to stock up on your lip-balms. I am sharing three of the lip balms I tried so that you can make the best purchases to soothe the dry lip this season.

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

Initially, when I came to Canada, I wanted something very moisturizing because where I came from is mostly humid. Any lip balm worked. During my earlier days in Canada, I was at the early stage with exploring clean high-end brands. However, I wanted something extra other than what the drugstores were carrying. After reading a lot of reviews, I agreed on the Clinique Superbalm. This is a nice lip balm that worked decent. But its formula wasn’t strong enough to protect from Canada’s winter.

This scent free lip balm might be ideal for people with less drying lips or when it’s less freezing. One thing to note is that this product is a little on the tacky side, so if you’re not on board with sticky formula, you might want to skip this one. Another con, you definitely will have to reapply every two hours or so if used. It’s been over two years I’ve purchased this lip treatment and it’s still lying around in my draws because I hardly reached for it since. It didn’t work for me. Get the petroleum jelly; it is by far cheaper and might work better.

(1) Link to the Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

Lano 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Treatment

Originally, Sephora had sent a sample size of the Lano Treatment in one of my Sephora’s order which is how I got exposed to this lip product. I am happy I was because of its moisturizing power formula. This incredible lip-balm consistency is very thick but doesn’t make my lips feel in any way uncomfortable. This treatment has cured my chapped lips during the times I need it to. The package isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but it’s truly a super hydrating lip balm. Plus the strawberry scent is alluring – similar to an ice-cream. You might be tempted to eat it.

My favourite time to use this balm is before bedtimes. When I wake up my lip looks plump and feel soft. However, other times I’ll still put on little before my lipstick application. Don’t be fooled by the price and the amount of product you get since you only need a tiny bit.  Because of my love for this lip treatment, I purchase the full size. An important fact, on the Sephora website, this product belongs to their clean label products. This means it’s Sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens etc free. Because it’s a multi-purpose product, you can apply this product to other cracked areas.  This product contains pure lanolin, strawberry extract, vitamin E. 

A little side note, according to lanolin is a substance made from secretions (sebum) from the glands of sheep to condition their wool.  Also, people commonly use lanolin to treat itchy or irritated skin, rash etc.

(1) Link to the Lano 101 Lip Treatment
(2) Link to the Lano 101 Lip Treatment

Hurraw Lip Balm

Lip Balm review

This great vegan and cheap lip-balm not only give your lip a little colour to enhance its natural shade but also moisturized it. I got the Black Cherry one which smells heavenly similar to the kool-aid drinks. From time-time, you might find your tongue smacking your lips to indulge into its taste, lol. Maybe it might not be the best protective lip barrier balm for the winter weather. However, this less than $5 lip tint is a handy one you want to keep in your purse. You kill two birds at once, a little colour and some hydration. On another positive note, this lip balm is made with natural and organic ingredients.

(1) Link to the Hurraw Lip Balm

Thank you for reading. I have some more lip-balms to review but because this post is already way too long, please look out for upcoming posts for review. Please comments, share and subscribe to my blog. By doing that I’ll know that my work is really helping you in some way with your purchases, decision etc. Also, it’ll make me happy if you do 🙂 🙂 :).  Thank you xoxoxo!!!


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