• Dior Gentle Toning Lotion Review

    Dior Gentle Toning Lotion Review – With Extract Peony

    A heavy price tag product like a toner is something people often have sceptical feelings about getting. Even if a name like Dior is associated with it. However, after reviewing the ingredients and with my sister insistence, I got it. I should say that a simple thing like a toner does really make a lot of difference in the way your skin looks. I know we can always go for the cheap alternatives like witch hazel or a drugstores toner. But I’m happy that I opened the door and invited this luxurious toner into my life. I’m seeing a difference in my skin since I’m using this toner. Dior Gentle…

  • Five products makeup look

    Five products makeup look : running late look

    Who likes to leave their warm bed on a cold morning?For this semester I have a few 8 am classes. As soon as I wake up I ‘d hurriedly rush to prepare to go to class. Most mornings I’ll spend less than 10 minutes to get ready. This includes doing my makeup. As such, my makeup look is pretty easy going, nothing spectacular. If my face looks decent and my lips have a little pop of colour, I’m good to go. I’ll share with you my quick makeup look where I’m incorporating only 5 products. This is my typical rush days look. Clinique City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector For…

  • 2017 Wishlist items Review

    My 2017 Wishlist items Review #skincare #makeup

    I see so many things all the time that I wish to get. It sucks when this happens. But I’ll always add it to my wish-list. I am a planner, so if I want something, I’ll aim for it. There are times when some plans don’t come through; hence, I’m unable to get everything I’ll hope for. Also, as time progresses, my taste changes; hence, the items become less desirable. With all this said, I wanted plenty in 2017. Due to different constraints, I picked up only a few of the items on my wishlist. There is a page on my blog that I dedicated to wishlist items. Some of…

  • Body Shop Face Mask Review

    Body Shop Face Mask Review – Ginseng and Rice Mask

    There are claims that rice has properties to make your skin look bright. It is a staple in skin care for many Asian women. People use the rice water as a toner, acne treatment etc. To help even out my skin tone, I decided to try the Body shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Face Mask. Body Shop Ginseng and Rice Face Mask Review Like I mentioned in other blog posts, I’m a fan of the body shop masks. Hence, I was thrilled to try out this mask. After the first use, I did notice my face looked brighter. However, I felt this mask caused my face to be drier.…

  • clinique city block sheer review

    Clinique City Block Sheer Review – Face Protector

    On one Saturday I went to a Hudson Bay outlet with the sole intention of buying the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF. Unfortunately, the outlet I went to didn’t sell that product. I was looking forward to getting that moisturizer. I really would like to include more products in my beauty collection that have SPF. Recently, I have been experiencing break-outs around my chin area. I had read that if SPF is neglected your skin will be more prone to breakouts. I could have just left the store because I didn’t get what I came for. But when I am surrounded by beauty products, I do get very excited…

  • Beauty

    Worth the Hype? Glossier Stretch Concealer review

    We know when Glossier was launched, their Stretch Concealer was one of the product every YouTubers and blogger were raving about. Since I wanted to try out a new concealer, what better one to try than the ‘Glossier Stretch Concealer‘. Thankfully the day I decided to purchase it, the Glossier Canada website was offering free shipping plus I stumbled upon 20% discount code 🙂 . Other than the high praise about this concealer, the fact that it contains avocado oil was a selling point for me. I recently started to get under eye dark-circle, according to many, the nutritional fatty acids of avocado stimulate the blood circulation all around the eye making dark circle less…

  • Beauty

    theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? Review & Swatches

    The Versatile Palette, theBalm – How ‘Bout Them Apples? Look at that package! The package of theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples – Lip and Cheek Cream   Palette alone will make anyone want to purchase it. I am one of those persons, when comes to makeup, will get it because of its nice package without thinking too much about its quality. This one is no exception, luckily the “How’ Bout Them Apples” palette did not only have a cute package but it is an awesome palette theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? lip & cheek palette Review What a versatile palette, theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? . There are so many lovely colors…

  • Beauty

    My verdict – Sukin Skincare Review

    Details about the Sukin Brand Sukin is an Australian Skincare Brand that develops natural skin care which can be ideal for persons with sensitive skin. Even though their products are made with really nice ingredients, they are inexpensive. I think that is the pushing factor that is causing this brand to get very popular – “Cheap Organic Skincare”. Also, their skincare are mostly sulfate and paraben free. You can purchase their products via online stores such as well.ca, Amazon, feelunique.com, Sukin website etc. Also, when shopping at Winners (for the Canadian shoppers), make sure to check their beauty section, you might just get lucky to snatch some Sukin Products at good prices. Most…

  • Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Jon Crossbody Review

    Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Jon Crossbody Review

    Since the begin of this year, I started to be fascinated about the handbags from Rebecca Minkoff. Their styles look very edgy. Even though the styles of the bags are very trendy and stylish, compare to some other designers bags, hers are very affordable especially when they are on sales. Some of the styles might look similar to other designer bags, but I like that she adds her own creation to them in order to make them look like a handbag that is designed by “Rebecca Minkoff”. Little Information about the Designer, Rebecca Minkoff  She is known for the famous Morning After Bag (MAB) Duty Free Sites in Canada that sold…

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    YAY or NAY? Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation Review

    According to the company’s website, Alima Pure is a Vegan brand that crafted luxurious products which are made with only the purest natural ingredients. Their products are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, Dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles. Reading this alone will motivate you to get their products. I tried their Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation. This foundation is made with some really awesome ingredients that literally spell out “a foundation that will not only give your coverage but also hydrate your skin“. These include Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Coconut oil etc. Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation Review I was so excited to try this foundation that as soon I received it…