My 2017 Wishlist items Review #skincare #makeup

2017 Wishlist items Review

I see so many things all the time that I wish to get. It sucks when this happens. But I’ll always add it to my wish-list. I am a planner, so if I want something, I’ll aim for it. There are times when some plans don’t come through; hence, I’m unable to get everything I’ll hope for. Also, as time progresses, my taste changes; hence, the items become less desirable.

With all this said, I wanted plenty in 2017. Due to different constraints, I picked up only a few of the items on my wishlist. There is a page on my blog that I dedicated to wishlist items. Some of the items I already reviewed but some I might have just mentioned about.

2017 Wishlist items Review

My 2017 Wishlist items Review – Makeup

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation –  I covet other makeup items in 2017. But the number one item that I strongly crave for in 2017 is the Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation. I make mention of this foundation countless times in other posts. Since I last spoke about, I still feel the same. This foundation has become the only foundation I find myself getting. It’s literally magic in a bottle. Plus, It gives such gorgeous and natural finish. It is by far one of the most hyped foundation but so worth it. Before this foundation came into my life, you’ll find me browsing Sephora foundation section.  Thankfully, I found my Mr Right. Click here to see my full review of this foundation.

The other makeup bits which I lusted after but could not get were the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and lastly which is still my dream lipstick – a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in shade ‘Secret Salma’. But surely they will be on my 2018 wishlist. Keep looking out for posts on these beauties.

My 2017 Wishlist items Review – Skincare

Comparing to the makeup items I covet for I end up ticking off more of the skincare items on my wishlist.

The KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I was hunting for a great evening face oil, I learnt about this oil from Youtubers plus I read good things about it. It wasn’t really cheap. Hence, it took some time before I could acquire it. I am happy I did; it is the best face oil I’ve used. It is not sticky and has a nice aroma to it. Plus, you can’t tell that you have oil on your skin; it absorbs well into the skin. Firstly, you might think there is nothing special about this product but trust me as time goes by this oil becomes part of you because you eventually realise how nice your skin looks due to using this face oil.This legendary product will always be one of my staple evening skincare product.

Link to post that I mentioned about the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

2017 Wishlist items Review

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Area Treatment – I did make mentioned before that  I’m suffering from adult acne. Also, I already wrote about using this acne cream. It’s been over months I’ve been using this spot treatment and I really feel that it has helped in diminishing my acne. I hardly get those painful zits. As soon I sense one is coming, I apply some. It might be doing the job pretty slow but I know it is working for sure. Overall, it is a great product that I am happy I purchased.

Link to post that I mentioned about the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Acne Treatment in before

ROGER & GALLET Rose Hand and Nails Cream – this is a fail product. I was very electrified to get the Roger and Gallet rose hand and nail cream. All I have to say there is nothing special about this hand cream, it just smells nice and looks pretty. It has a light rose scent. It’s pretty expensive for a hand cream – C$10. Plus, the amount of product you get for that price is preposterous. Do not waste your money on this product! I should’ve gotten the L OCCITANE Peony Hand Cream instead – another wishlist item I didn’t purchase as yet.

So this is all the skincare and makeup items from my 2017 wishlist that I attained. What were the items on your 2017 wishlist? Thank you for reading 🙂 🙂


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