theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? Review & Swatches

The Versatile Palette, theBalm – How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Look at that package! The package of theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples – Lip and Cheek Cream   Palette alone will make anyone want to purchase it. I am one of those persons, when comes to makeup, will get it because of its nice package without thinking too much about its quality. This one is no exception, luckily the “How’ Bout Them Apples” palette did not only have a cute package but it is an awesome palette

theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? lip & cheek palette Review

What a versatile palette, theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? . There are so many lovely colors to choose from. There are six shades that are designed to be worn on the cheeks and lips. Each shade has an adorable name attached to them. These include: Cider (pinkish nude colour), Cobbler(bright reddish color), Pie (orange reddish pinkish color), Crisp (shimmery peaches color), Candy (bubblegum pink) and Caramel (brownish mauve color). Whether you want to create a natural, fun or a glamour look this palette have enough shades to give you the advantage in achieving it. When applying it on the cheeks, it blends very well and the colours showed up fabulously; no streaks. It is very buildable; I can easily add more without making my face look cakey. I like that the consistency of the product is very creamy, therefore, very hydrating on the lips.

This palette’s package is not only cute but very sturdy and has a huge mirror. Good package, a variety of shades and has products that can be worn on either the lips or the cheeks, therefore, making it the perfect trip friendly palette.

The only downside about the Balm How’ Bout Them Apples? Palette

The colours are not very long lasting, It fades away after a couple of hours, especially, if you have oily skin.

Makeup look

I used this palette to create a simple look. I am not a professional makeup artist or anything sort of that, so my makeup application skills might not be the best 🙁 . I just want to be able to show how the colours showed up when I used it.


I used the colour, ‘Pie’ on my cheeks, you must be able to tells how that colour showed up so naturally but still was able to make the apple of my cheeks pop. 

For the lip, I mixed multiple  colours; I first used ‘Cider’, then applied ‘Candy’ on top and then ‘Caramel’. Lastly, I gently tap on a little of ‘Cobbler’ in the centre of my lips. 

For just fun, I applied ‘Crisp’ on my eyes – this is the only colour that has shimmers.

A three look palette heheheheh!!! 🙂 🙂

Link to this Lip and Cheek Cream Palette 🙂

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