Favourite Fall Trends 2018 #AnimalPrints #PlaidPattern

Fall Trend 2018

Sometime ago you had a wardrobe clear out and you stashed all your animal prints and plaid pattern outfits in a corner of your closet. You were certain that these trends will reappear again because throughout the years you see that happening. Animal prints and plaid pattern are one of those recurring fall trends.  As Fall 2018  is approaching, it is the time to unleash the animal prints and the plaid pattern that you’ve tucked away in your wardrobe. 

Plaid Pattern

If you’re someone like me who are new to these styles, it’s not too late to jump on the wagon. Choose plaid pattern ensembles from a range of patterns – the classic Houndstooth and Glen Plaid or Tartan. Minimalists can rock plaid pants with a simple blouse. Or maybe just carry the trend by sporting a tailor plaid jacket. There are so many retailers that are offering plaid fashion from low-end to high-end.

Animal Print

This season we will see our favourite animals from Leopard and Snake prints to Zebra march their way into our closet. I understand that not everyone feels the animal prints vibe. The animal prints can be a little too loud. But there is nothing wrong to come out from your comfort zone. Fashion is all about taking risks. Sometimes one’s risk can open the door to more fashion possibilities 🙂  and a whole lot more – winks ;) !!!! But if you still want to budge the bullet, there is no need to go extreme. You can just go for solely an animal print shoe or handbag or a broach.

See me enter the season by wearing two of the biggest trends for fall 2018 – Animal Print and Plaid Pattern. I am roaring the leopard print and the houndstooth pattern. See pics below

Favourite Fall Trends 2018
Favourite Fall Trends 2018
Favourite Fall Trends 2018
Favourite Fall Trends 2018

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