Moving Day Makeup Look – Simple yet alluring

Moving Day Makeup Look

On May 15th, 2018 I move to another apartment. I am sure many of us who move a lot knows the stress that comes with moving. The first thing I did when I woke up, I ate a solid breakfast to keep my body functioning throughout the day. Afterwards, I took a nice shower to feel fresh and I wore comfy clothing. In terms of makeup, I gravitated towards the minimal makeup look – quick and simple. I didn’t want to cake up my face. But at the same time I know I’ll be out of the door, most likely I’ll need to rush to the stores to pick up few things. Hence, I wanted to look presentable.

Moving Day Makeup Look


After prepping my skin, I applied one pump of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation on to my makeup brush and then blended it into my skin. If you’re a follower of my blog, you must be tired of me always mentioning this foundation. But it’s my favourite. The sole reason is that it still makes my skin look like skin but in a better way. It does not feel uncomfortable on my skin, it’s like there is nothing on. Plus on moving day, I don’t have any time for doing any touch-up, luckily I found this foundation’s longevity is very good. Click on the link for a full review of the foundation.


I reached for the glossier stretch concealer because it’s a versatile product. It worked well as a spot cover-up and also as a dark circle diminisher. I like using products that kill two birds at once. Click on the link for a full review of the concealer.


Urban Decay De-slick powder, up to this point, I still have not found a pressed powder that can replace my Urban Decay De-slick powder. Definitely, on moving day, you expect to sweat and your skin will look oily.  That is why you want to use a pressed powder to keep the shine away at least for some few hours.


I want to be on the safer side, so I went for clear mascara by Maybelline. Nothing extraordinary here; I just want a polished look. Hence, something to separate my eyelashes and give it a little volume. I found the Maybelline Clear Mascara does the job pretty well.


To keep my lip hydrated but with a tint of colour, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is my saviour. I love to use this product during rush days. The shade Sugar Poppy Tinted is such a pretty shade that elevate your dull look. Plus you have the ability to determine how bold you want the colour to show.

For those who are moving, definitely incorporate these beauty staples in your look of that day.

As soon as I finished my makeup, I took some images of myself.

Moving Day Makeup Look

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