Favorite Saving Stores : online and offline

From previous posts, I’m sure you gathered that I’m a sucker for deals. Hence, before I buy something I’ll spend many hours checking where I can get the best deals. As a result, I found some great places that I normally shop from when buying fashion pieces especially those from great brands. Some I’m sure you are already pretty much familiar with. But for those who are not aware, I hope this post will help you to grab some items at starstruck prices from these suggested shopping destinations. Reading these type of posts do really help me save some dollars when shopping. Ok enough of my blabbering, let’s get the shopping spree started.

Favorite Saving Stores

(1) Winners / Marshalls / T.J. Maxx / Companies owned by TJX

Since I reside in Canada, I’ll normally shop at Winners but I think different countries will reference the store’s name differently. But basically, they are department stores that sell items from luxury brands or high street brands at discounted prices. Whenever you want to try something from a brand, check any of their stores. I’m sure you will find something to satisfy your taste bud without hurting your pocket. Brands from Kate Spade, Matt and Natt, Levis, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, English Factory and so many more. Also, you might be lucky to get some stellar deals on beauty products. You never know what deals you’ll stumble upon when shopping here. Plus everything disappears quickly; the world is flooded with deal stealer. Every season they stock up on the latest trending pieces. I found that the best time to shop there is during the Spring/Summer times. Also, the items that are being sold are very unique and stylish.

(2) Zulily.com

I am not sure many of us know about this shopping destination. I got familiar with this online website since couple years. Zulily is a flash sale site. If you ever shopped from websites like beyondtherack.com, hautelook.com etc, Zulily is pretty much the same. I shop via their US and Canada website. You can find a wholesome of things here. Sometimes their catalogue can be overwhelming. I find myself browsing through them for many hours. But I always capture awesome finds at great prices. They really cater for all type of shoppers – luxury shoppers to bargain shoppers. The only downside is you have to pay for shipping. But there is a plus, pay to ship once and get free shipping the rest of the day. Addition to that, if you shop on Friday, you will get free shipping on the weekend. Another benefit, they have a smart-pay option for some of their items. With Smart-pay, you can own the item now and pay for it in multiple interest-free payments. Because they sell items from brands that are located in different countries, you might have to wait for a long time to receive your items. So plan ahead when shopping from Zulily. But trust me with the huge saving you receive makes the wait worth it. Also, you need to sign up to view their sales.

(3) DSW stores

This is a click and mortar stores. In Canada, they have the different versions of the stores that target different types of buyers. There is Townshoes, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Shoewarehouse etc. Like when shopped at Townshoes, you find more high-end brands items as opposed to when shopping on Shoewearehouse. They sell a great selection of quality shoes, handbags and other accessories at lower cost. Look out for their online sales, you might just luckily to snatch a sneaker from Adidas at a surprise price.

(4) Hudson Bay

This is a Canadian click-mortar store. When I first stepped into one of their stores, I had an impression that this is a store that might not attract me since everything looks way too expensive. I guess the store’s lighting and atmosphere give me that hint. But when browsing their selection online, my perception changed. I like what I was seeing. Yes, the items were expensive but you can’t go wrong with their deals. Another pro, they sell items of exceptionally great quality. I get some really nice pairs of the shoes from here. Plus when you sign up, they send you promotion codes that make you save some more extra bucks. Now, this is one of my favourite store in Canada.

(5) Shopbop.com

My guilty pleasure! I only shop here when I want to treat myself to something special. I found myself at least once a day browsing through their selection of handbags, shoes and sunglasses. Sometimes, if I am really lucky, I do unlock some saving. 🙂 Since, it’s an American online store, you pay in the US. However, the price reflects Canadian dollar. I am happy that the duties or taxes are calculated at the checkout point. Another advantage, they offer free shipping. If you are looking for respectable brands, definitely check out shopbop.com. That site might be an addiction.

Thank you for reading, I hope this is an interesting post. 🙂 🙂

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