Usually I review products based on my opinion but this time I am changing things up and including my sister’s opinion about a product she was using, a face oil by Prim Botanical.

My sister was experiencing skin irritation for sometimes which was making her very uncomfortable. She tried a lot of products to help her condition but unfortunately, nothing worked well like this. She was starting to feel very self-conscious because of her itchy and blotchy skin. I know probably there are others with this problem and I want to do a blog post about this face oil because I really saw how it helped her. But I could not review the product based on my opinion because It was not me who used it. Enough of me blabbering and let’s read my sister’s view 🙂 Enjoy 🙂 🙂

prim botanicals face oil review

What My sister thought about the Face Oil by Prim Botanical

This is a very rich and nurturing oil. It is a bit thick so it is better to apply on damp skin. It really healed my skin. I think you will understand why I value this oil so much after I explain the problem I had with my skin.

My skin is very sensitive and last year I started to get this skin issue that causes my skin to become very itchy with red-orange patches and would eventually get flakes. Sometimes when my skin gets really bad my face would actually get little blisters. Eventually, the blisters would dry and peel off but the problem keeps coming back. And when it is at the peeling stage I couldn’t use any powder because it looks so scaly and horrible. On top of that, I have acne prone skin. It was very painful and embarrassing. 

But this oil has really helped me SIGNIFICANTLY. It really healed and nurtured my skin. Whenever I notice this problem is coming back I definitely use this oil religiously. When my condition was bad I applied it morning and night after washing and wiping my face. During that time, I appreciated the thick consistency. I really massaged it in my skin. It helped some of the dry patches to come off gently. Plus it significantly reduced the sensitivity and itchiness. It leaves a bit of orange color on the skin but that was no issue for me. Afterwards, then I applied ASDM Beverly Hills Tepezcohuite cream and just leave for college like this. Most nights or even for some days I would only apply this oil on my face to reduce irritation. Back then, I used no makeup because I think my face simply couldn’t have been able to handle it then. 
I should also note that I used a very mild cleanser and use lukewarm water. If you have a condition like this don’t  use warm water. It makes the skin more dry and aggravated. You have to be as gentle to your skin as possible. Also, I had to start drinking lots of water and ease off on sugary foods. This was a major step that was a must in my routine. In Canada, drinking lots of water is very essential for healthy and moist skin. I grew up in a hot and humid country so dry skin wasn’t much of an issue compared to Canada. 
Though I did not get to go the dermatologist I would always advise persons to seek the doctor’s assistance first. I am happy my skin is much healthier now. So my routine has changed. I use this oil more at nights because of its color and smell. But when I notice my skin is becoming itchy I use it more often. The first ingredient on the list is primrose oil and I do not like the smell of primrose oil that much. Although I am sure it is the primrose that mostly helped to heal my skin so I absolutely LOVE primrose. But now that my skin is healthier for the day I use Herbivores orchid oil which has a lovely scent and is much lighter. It is also very healing and gives my skin a nice sheen without any stain. However, it can’t solve my problem like the Prim Botanical face oil does. I haven’t started to use makeup on a regular basis as yet. I’m still trying to find something that will work with my super sensitive skin. I am extra cautious.
We Hope this review helps someone. :):) 
Thanks For reading 😊 😊 😊 😎



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