The Ordinary & The Chemistry Skincare Review

ordinary skincare review

I noticed that on most blogs, there are blog posts about the Ordinary brand. So even I was tempted to try products from the Ordinary. But I think I was more excited to use them because they are alcohol-free and vegan.

Products from The Ordinary & The Chemistry Brand

In Canada, on there are a lot of products from the Ordinary that are being sold and surprisingly these products were inexpensive. I decided to make a small order, I bought two products from the Ordinary and one product from the Chemistry Brand. Both the Chemistry Brand and the Ordinary belong to the same company, DECIEM. I have been using these products as part of my skin routine for over two weeks. So far I am very impressed with the results.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

ordinary skincare review

From time to time, I tend to get zits. So I wanted something that will help improve the appearance of my acne scar and just make my face have an even skin tone. Since Rose hip seed oil is good for improving the skin tone and texture because it is rich in fatty acid, vitamin etc, I know I have to try this product.

I know the brand name is “The Ordinary” but definitely, this is not an ordinary product because it works very good. Since I am using this product, my scars are lighter and my face looks very smooth, glowing and healthy. This product is part of my nighttime skin routine. I mix one or two drops of the Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil and moisturizer together. Then I massage it gently on my face. It glides on your skin really nice. It felt very rich. Just to know after sometimes my face does look and feel more oily when I used this product.However, when I wake up, I notice my skin way less oily. I am guessing that the oil absorbs into the skin when you are sleeping. This is more of a heavy type of oil.

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

ordinary skincare review

The last product I tried from the Ordinary was 100% Plant-Derived Squaline. I used this either as part of my morning routine or evening routine. It very gentle and this felts more light on your skin than the Rose Hip Seed Oil. I liked to use it before I applied makeup because it makes my foundation goes on better. It makes my face looks dewier and it gives a gorgeous sheen to the skin. Also, my face does not look shiny throughout the day when I use this oil. If I am using this product, I do not use a primer.



The Chemistry Brand Inhibitif Face Serum

Even women have facial hair issue, that is no secret. We can get it due to hereditary, medications, hormone etc. According to the product’s label, this product is used to help prevent facial hair regrowth, irritation etc. The only facial hairs I would really get are on my sideburns which are very little. Since I am using this product, my sideburns were not eliminated. In my opinion, this would be one of the products we will only be able to know if it works only in time.



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  1. The Ordinary sounds like an amazing brand. I love finding new products on here. Looking forward to your future posts.
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