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On one Sunday afternoon, as I was browsing an old magazine, I got very FASCINATED by the different styles. I also wanted to dress up by wearing those luxurious pieces. I started to think that these outfits seem very expensive, hard to put together. Some even look very unwearable. But with fashion, any piece of garment can be worn by anyone, is the way we carry it. We do not need to spend a lot of money in creating those looks we see in the magazines or at the fashion shows. Sometimes we already own similar pieces; we realise by now that many trending styles are a repetition from the previous ones. So with a little thinking, we can always be in the latest fashion trends and even host our own runway shows LOL.

outfit inspiration

For this blog post, I created three looks that are somewhat similar to the ones I saw in the fashion magazines and on the runway. I did this by putting together different clothing items that I already own.


First outfit inspiration

This is a unique creation. But in order to make this outfit seems more wearable I change things. However, I wanted to ensure that I was able to fabricate the same mix pattern trend. I decided to wear a floral maxi skirt that I purchased from Forever21 with an Old Navy stripe t-shirt. Floral and stripe seem like the perfect pair right? This outfit is appropriate for work, meeting etc.

Second outfit inspiration

This was the simplest and most comfy outfit. Khaki and a long white shirt dress are in for this summer. Luckily, most of us already own a white shirt dress. For me, I decided to combine both two trends together and create one outfit since I want a more conservative look. The top is from modanisa.com and the legging is from Walmart.

The third outfit inspiration

was inspired by the Fashion Magazine cover (March 2016). We know that floral maxi dresses are always in and they are so many styles and colours to choose from. I love how cute they look. I am wearing a dress from modcloth.com that I purchased since last year via their online sales. We can hear a lot of wedding bells because it is the wedding season. So this can be the perfect outfit for a wedding, Also, it can be worn for a brunch, a summer party etc. For more breezy looks you can skip the t-shirt inside. But again, I wanted the more conservative look.

I hope you can be able to creates these looks too.☺️☺️ by combining what you already have in your closet ☺️☺️. 👠👡 👕

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