Multi-purpose lip balm – Fat & the Moon lip & cheek stain

Multi-purpose lip balm

Hi guys, in one of my previous post I mentioned that I’ll be doing more lip balm reviews. We all know that lip-balm is a must beauty product, especially in the colder months. Having a product that let you able to grab one product and do two things for you mean a lot to me. For me, winter is the time you want to stay in bed and spend less time looking through the large pile of products. 

Its name grabbed my attention and its ingredients grabbed my interest.

Here is my review of the Fat and the Moon Lip and Cheek Stain.

I was searching for a natural moisturizing lip balm with a colour, according to my eyes, that matches my skin tone. I saw some wonderful coloured lip balms on so it took some time clicking and reading before, finally, picking one. My choice was the fat and moon lip and cheek stain.

Lip balm is something I wear every day. So, the more natural the better. What was most exciting about this product is that alkanet and beetroot give this stain its color. It was easy to picture how beet with its intense rich red burgundy juice can be used as a dye. But I was not aware of what alkanet is. So I decided to do a quick Google search. Alkanet is a plant and its root impart a ruby red color; thus, making it possible to color the lip balm. Its other ingredients are infused sunflower oil, beeswax and essential oil of rose geranium.

Fat and moon lip and cheek stain

The product comes in a charming little tin pot as can be seen. For me, the tin was fairly easy to open and close; I don’t lock it too tight. I love rubbing this balm on with my finger; admittedly, I do this even for some of my lip balms that come in the roll-up tubes. The balm glides on smoothly. It is not too thick and neither sticky.

How I used the Fat and the Moon Lip and Cheek Stain?

For it to fully colour my lips I have to make at least two rubs from the pot. However, the little girl in me who loves playing dress-up isn’t complaining and it definitely makes my lips more supple! The colour is a dark burgundy reddish berry on my lips. The colour isn’t intense and it looks almost natural. However, it does put more life into the colour of my lips but it does so more on the subtle side. So, this might be for persons who are more into the natural look or who, like me, wants to add moisture with a hint of colour and smile just before going to bed.

Swatch of the product

Plus, the shade is very versatile to work on both the cheeks and the lips. Because of its clean ingredients, I don’t feel alarmed when applying it’s on my cheeks. A little tip for the sun-kissed glow, I’ll put some on the streak of my nose. Because of its smooth texture, I dabbed it anywhere on my cheeks that looks patchy.  All these little tricks help make my makeup appear more natural and my face looks more radiant. Who says you have to wait till summer for the glowing skin? There is no need to worry that you will look like a clown, the colour is not bold.

Thank you for reading 🙂 I hope my post is interesting. Please check out the link below for the previous lip balm review. 🙂 🙂 🙂 XOXOXOXO!!!

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