Make wearing headscarf look fashionable

Make wearing headscarf look fashionable

I’m very proud to wear my headscarf. I do not believe that by wearing a headscarf makes you less voguish. For me, this is another step that I have to undergo to bring out the fashionable me. Just like how I put a lot thought into the attire or accessories I’m wearing, I will do so with the way I style my headscarf. Plus, is fun to select the colour and material of the scarf. I found myself being creative even when styling my scarf. Fashion is about being a trendsetter which can easily be accomplished if you think a little out of the box when ensemble that scarfs with your outfit. Rather than just have on a simple plain scarf, we can go the extra step in accessorizing our scarf.


My favourite accessory has to be headbands. You can’t go wrong when wearing a headband on top of your headscarf. This trend becomes my thing since when I saw Blair in Gossip Girl used to rock the headbands. It makes you look so appealing. I know headbands might seem too childish for some but I really don’t care. It gives you that extra feature that makes you stand out from the crowd. With the wide range of headband styles to choose, you can’t go wrong. From the less obvious one to the more glam type. Whenever I go out, I’ll always sport a headband. However, as I am getting older, I will go for those basic ones but still, it has to have some sweetness to it. lol. I sometimes wear a headband that match my scarf or my clothes. In Canada, my favourite place to shop really pretty headbands is Ardene and on online are etc

Make wearing headscarf look fashionable

Cute Clips

This something new that I am testing out. Some really nice hair accessories are being sold that can be worn on scarf especially clips. I like the clamp types. So for those who do not fancy wearing a headband, you can try wearing a clip. It will give the extra touch.

Make wearing headscarf look fashionable


I feel this is a usual trend that many of our Muslim girls endeavour. This is another piece that comes in assorted styles, shapes and colours.


I stepped on this ship since last summer. So far, I’m loving this posh accessory this winter. Those adorable winter hats, oh my, no words to express my feelings. I  go for those wool type hats.

Some Finds

Thank you for reading 🙂 I hope you find my post interesting 🙂 🙂

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