Welcome 2018 : #Bye 2017 #2018 Content plan

Welcome 2018

Wishing you an exciting 2018! 2017 has been like a roller coaster. However, with God helps I have made it to 2018.

What happened in 2017 that I’m proud of?
  • Starting my blog
Bye 2017Starting with my blog

I’m a very shy person. I do not have many friends and I am not a social-media fan. But by starting this blog, I became a bit bolder. I am learning to interact with peers whether via social media or traditional methods. I would never have imagined I would be a blogger and allow the world into my life. This goes to show that even introverts have the power to be a blogger. From time to time, I do worry about the feedback I will get from people.But sometimes a little criticism can able to boost your confidence to make you grow more and be stronger. My blog is like my little house that I can decorate on my own terms. I feel contented in my nest. Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog. Please continue to support me so my blog can bloom.

Posts that I was proud of in 2017

(1) I did several of posts where I collaborated with my sister. This was done to have other people’s opinion about products they’ve used.  We all have different skin type. Hence, something work for me might not for someone else. I want to able to reach out to different people.

prim rose oil review

(2) Fashion tips – in 2017, I did fewer posts where I suggested outfit ideas.But I’m happy that what I crafted turn out great. Plus, I like that kind of posts; they seem more helpful. Plus, I love giving people fashion advice and plan outfits.

school outfit

2018 plans

In 2018, I want to create unique and helpful contents. I feel 2017 was the year where I was trying to find a place on the internet. But 2018, I want to make a home that I can stay in for a long time. With your support I know I will able to do it.

Thank you for reading. Is there anything you would like me to write about? I would love to hear your feedback. Happy 2018 everybody!!!!. Lots of love, happiness, good wishes to you 🙂 🙂


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