Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Ten Suggestions

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

I’m sure many of us have already purchased Christmas Gifts. But for those who have yet to complete their Christmas Shopping, I hope my  ‘Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide’ can solve your problems. It is the season of giving. We just want everyone to feel happy and special. Whether we give someone love, kindness, things they desire, fulfil someone’s wishes, cards, or chocolate. To wake up Christmas Morning and see that smile on our loved one faces when they open their present is like the window of happiness. To make our search easier, I am suggesting 10 items that are less than $100 that I think is worth looking into.

Christmas Gift Guide

My Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

(1) Refiner29: Style Stalking

You can never go wrong with a book with an esthetically appealing cover. This gift is perfect for a fashion lover or just about anyone who loves to look at captivating styles. Personally, I feel coffee books are something people keep for long times. Whenever you’re bored, you can look through the amazing images in them to get inspiration from the colourful images. This book cost CA$30.48

(2) Kate Spade New York Gold Stripe Pencil Set

This pretty pencil set is perfect for someone who adores cute stationeries like me:). When I saw this gold stripe pencil set, I couldn’t resist to include it in my gift guide. Kate Spade is known to create the stylish design that appeals to many. I do not know why anybody won’t be excited to get a Kate Spade item.

(3) Amazon Echo Dot

My sister recently got the Amazon Echo Dot. So far, we are addicted to having conversations with ‘Alexa’. This is such a cool gadget. Anybody would love to receive this fun and handy device for their Christmas. It gives you information about anything, it even sings for you lol. I didn’t have an issue with setting it up. Currently, it is sold for CA$49.99.

(4) Rose Dot Trinket Box

Perfect gift for someone who loves to add elegance to their vanity. I found the little rose gold dots give this simple trinket dish a chic look. This is another gift that I feel someone will have with them for a very long time. It is sold for $22.98

(5)  A Pair of Leather Gloves

A pair of Leather Gloves by Calvin Klein is such a practical gift. In the winter, we always need a pair of gloves to keep our hands warm. I like these simple pair of gloves because they look very classy. Also, since they are not bulky, this makes it convenient to carry in any bag. Again another gift we can’t go wrong with.

(6) Makeup Brushes

OMG!!!!! Look how sparkly these Tarte Goal Getters Contour Brush Set are. They are so gorgeous! If someone is to present me with these brushes, I would literally be jumping for joy. This will be such a great gift for a beauty lover. Plus, we always need makeup brushes :):). This brush set is currently sold for CA$58 on the Sephora website.

Christmas Gift Guide

(7) Pyjama Set

Cute Pyjamas make such a wonderful gift for someone. In my opinion, I believe that for most people, our pyjamas are the most worn apparel. No matter how much we love wearing our fancy clothes, as soon we step into our house, we step into our Pyjama. This cat printed one is too mesmerizing. The Claudel Cat Print Cotton Pyjama Set is on sale at the bay for $21.99

(8) Ciate London Nail Polish Set

Know someone who loves to paint their nails, but do not know what colours to get them? No worries! Get them a Nail Polish Set. This Ciate London mini nail polish set comes with a wide range of shades. I am sure they will now have shades for every outfit. Additionally, you can help them save salon bill since they will be able to do their own manicure 🙂

(9) Fun Socks

My cheapest Gift but one that will make their face glow up. Why not give someone a pair of sock with fun designs on it like glitter and gingerbread. This can be novelty present. I like the Topshop Christmas Glitter Gingerbread Socks ($8)

(10) Mug with Catchy Quote

Mugs with fun writings can be such an appreciable gift. If you are struggling to find a gift for someone, I am sure a mug will be the answer to your problem. And why not? They have to use it.

I hope my recommendations will help you brighten up someone’s face this Christmas. Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays 🙂 🙂 Be kindful this Holiday.

Note – I downloaded the images from Google, Shopbop, Amazon and then customize my own poster with the images I download



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