Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette Review

I was on the hunt for a new blush palette. When I came across this Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette, I instantly fell in love with it because of the eye-catching shades it offers. This palette comes with two blushes and a highlighter; this quickly grabbed my attention. Since this makes it a great travel-friendly palette. I took some time in deciding which set of shade is right for me. There are three shades; “Pacific Coast Pink”-the pretty pink colors shades, “Malibu Berry” – some nice bright berry colors shades and “Culver City Color” – the pinkish coral shades. All the shades look very intense but I end up selecting Culver City Color since these colors literally scream SUMMER.

Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette Review

My thoughts on the Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette:

Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette Review


(1) The packaging is very nice. It looks very sturdy. It seems it will bypass all the hassle during traveling.

(2) It has a huge mirror.

(3) Depends on the usage you can have this palette for a very long time because you are getting a lot of products. Therefore, making it good value for the money. This palette is sold for CAN $40  or US $35.

(4) I like that the blushes are matte. The highlighter is not too shimmery, maybe this might seem as a disadvantage for some

(5) The blushes blend and set very well. You just need a little because they are very pigmented.

(6) The colors of the blushes are stunning.

(7) I am very happy I chose the “Culver City Coral” shade because one of the blushes, “pinky coral“, seems like it is a staple color I need to have. It can be worn in any season.

(8) It is Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Oil & Fragrance free.

(9)It comes with a nice handy look-book with tips on how to apply the blushes and highlighter on different face shapes.

(10) I likes how the products feel; they have a powdery but creamy texture to them.


(1) The highlighter was not very pigmented. It is hardly visible when I use it.I have medium fair skin tone. Also, its lasting power is not good.

(2) If you are wearing the product for a full day, you will need to reapply it throughout the day.

Hope you find my review helpful. Thank you for reading 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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