• Hijab Girl Simple Fall Makeup look

    Hijab Girl Simple Fall Makeup look

    This is the third time I’m experiencing the fall season. I have grown up in a tropical country where it is either sunny or rainy.  So far fall is my second favourite season. The place is not too cold or too hot, it’s just perfect. To match this perfect season, I try to ensure a faultless fall’s makeup look. Without going into too many details, it has to be that iconic classic look – red or nude lips, matte face and simple eyes. I’m one of those people who put a lot of thought when I’m wearing makeup. I like to ensure that my makeup look blends well with the…

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    Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette Review

    I was on the hunt for a new blush palette. When I came across this Smashbox L.A. Lights Palette, I instantly fell in love with it because of the eye-catching shades it offers. This palette comes with two blushes and a highlighter; this quickly grabbed my attention. Since this makes it a great travel-friendly palette. I took some time in deciding which set of shade is right for me. There are three shades; “Pacific Coast Pink”-the pretty pink colors shades, “Malibu Berry” – some nice bright berry colors shades and “Culver City Color” – the pinkish coral shades. All the shades look very intense but I end up selecting Culver City Color since these…