• Muslim Girl style pants/trousers

    Muslim Girl style pants/trousers #MuslimFashion

    About sometime now I have been a pants/trousers followers especially the wide leg ones. This takes me down memory lane where the characters in Three Company used to sport the wide legs pants. As I am getting older, I am gravitating towards comfortable fashions. Hence, I lose the skinny jeans styles and jumped on the broader ones. Because of the composition of pants, you can wear it without wanting to remove them. Also for hijab girls like myself who sometimes want to tuck in her tops but couldn’t because worrying about revealing too much of my body shape, this can be possible now. I can now be part of the…

  • school outfit

    School Outfit – College/University Edition

    It is August, this means summer break is already up and soon the education institutions will be reopening. Therefore, we should be surfing e-commerce websites, do window shopping etc. This is to ensure that we get the best deals and steals on our School Outfit. Whether we are now starting or continuing colleges or universities, we always want to ensure that we make a statement with our flawless school outfits.Some of us prefer more stylish outfit while some prefer simple and comfy outfit or both. I know some of us will be putting so much preparation in creating our perfect back-to-school wardrobe. We will be checking what is trending, pieces that can…

  • Beauty

    What is in my Summer’s Makeup bag : #forCasuallook

    This is the time when the place is very heated and my skin gets more oily. I do not like to wear a lot of makeup during the summer times. I dislike the feeling when sweaty skin mix with makeup. There are days when I would only be wearing little concealer, lipstick and of course pressed powder. However, if someone was to browse through my makeup bag, I will be listing the little bits that they will find. I will also explain why I am using these products. In case you want to try these products maybe my review can help you make a better decision in purchasing or using them…