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    Body Shop Face Mask Review – Ginseng and Rice Mask

    There are claims that rice has properties to make your skin look bright. It is a staple in skin care for many Asian women. People use the rice water as a toner, acne treatment etc. To help even out my skin tone, I decided to try the Body shopΒ Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Face Mask. Body Shop Ginseng and Rice Face Mask Review Like I mentioned in other blog posts, I’m a fan of the body shop masks. Hence, I was thrilled to try out this mask. After the first use, I did notice my face looked brighter. However, I felt this mask caused my face to be drier.…

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      Avon Blackhead Eliminating Daily Cleanser I have been using this cleanser for over 6 years…This is my holy grail product. Even if I purchase different cleansers I still end up using back this cleanser. When I was younger I would use it every day. However, as I got older and using different cleansers, I would tend to use this less. I like to switch up things. But still, I need this whenever I felt my skin looking dull and feeling like a pimple will be arriving. This cleanser is really good when you want a clean skin. However, at times, it could make your skin feel dried, therefore, you…