Five Stylish Coats #Winter #Fall #Fashion

Five Stylish Coats

I know shopping for seasonal fashion pieces this year might be a low priority. I also think so since I’m hardly going anywhere. But what is that one thing that we always wear in the colder months? If your answer is ‘a coat’, you’re right!

Whenever I am purchasing a coat, I’ll check for the:

  • πŸ§₯ Shape
  • 🍭 Colour
  • πŸ’Έ Price
  • βš–οΈ Quality
  • 🧢 Material/Texture
  • πŸ¦„ Uniqueness

The Five Stylish Coats that I think is worth an extra view

This cream plaid coat by Calvin Klein is very beautiful in person. The online image didn’t do it a proper justice, the material is so rich and the colour is so versatile. It will match all your outfits. This coat definitely is on my Christmas wish list.

Five stylish Coat Checked Knit Coat, BEIGE CREAM, hi-res

Calvin Klein
Checked Knit Coated Knit Coat

Wrap coats are known for their classiness. This green coloured one by Karl Lagerfeld is stunning. I think it will flatter any skin tone. Also, a tip when buying a wrap coat, choose structured wool one, it looks more high-end. Pairing a wrap coat over a satin dress and some boots is a million bucks outfit.

Belted Maxi Robe Coat, EMERALD, hi-res image number NaN
Karl Lagerfeld Paris
Belted Maxi Robe Coat – C$199.99

The price for the beige coat by Max Mara is hefty but look at the shape and the neutral shade. If you want one coat that you will have in your closet for many years, this definitely should be a contender.

Wool Button-Down Coat, CAMEL, hi-res image number NaN
Weekend Max Mara
Wool Button-Down Coat – C$1050

I love shopping from J-Crew for unique and excellent quality apparels. This parka is a beauty. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice those cute flower buttons. This coat gives me Gossip Girl Vibe.

j.crew: collection car coat in houndstooth english wool for women, right side, view zoomed
Chateau parka – C$662

I know for many of you this pink coat by Kate Spade might out of your comfort zone. But if you live in Canada, I am sure you’re aware of some of our gloomy days. As such, wearing a calming pink coloured coat might just be what you need to uplift your spirit on those dull days.

Faux-Shearling Lined Parka Coat, CHALK PINK, hi-res image number NaN
Kate Spade New York
Faux-Shearling Lined Parka Coat – C$395

My lovely readers thank you for reading my post. XOXOOXOXOXO!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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