First Luxury piece – Chloé Marcie Wallet review

Chloé Marcie Wallet

Since last year I wanted a designer wallet. I was contemplating whether to get a YSL cardholder or the Prada cardholder. But I couldn’t justify spending over $300 on something so tinny even though they are so beautiful. However, this blog post is based on my First Luxury piece, the Chloé Marcie Wallet.

How I was able to acquire my Chloe Marcie Wallet 😉

Anyways, long story short, ( a Montreal Luxury online store) is having a huge sale and so many items are deeply discounted. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a lot of Chloe items are in the sale sections and Chloe is one of my favorite brands. As I am giving the section a look, I stumbled upon this pretty Chloe wallet. Many instances, I will find old season items are in the sale sections but this time I saw a classic one, It is the Chloe Small Marcie Wallet (omg the Marcie collection is such an amazing one!).

The tan version has my name all over it and It’s a perfect size (I hate huge wallets). This wallet has enough compartments to fits all my things. The original price for this wallet is C$340.35 and I got it for C$194. I had a really thorough thought before purchased this wallet, at one point it was sold out but as soon it went back in stock, I know it was meant to be and this was a steal.

First Luxury piece - Chloé Marcie Wallet

I would like to give a tip to those who would like to start buying luxury pieces, that is, start your collection by getting either a wallet, cardholder, or a belt.

My First review

So now I have it, what is my opinion? I give it

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am feeling very emotional, I know it is crazy but I never imagined I will be able to own a luxury designer item. I have designer items but not anything from a high-end brand like Chloe 🙂 . Wow!

The Chloe Marcie wallet deserves raving reviews, it truly seems long-lasting. The quality looks durable and it feels so luxurious. I like how minimalist the Chloe logo design is. This will be one find that I will make good use of and have it for a long time. Plus because of it’s size, I think It’ll be able to fit it in all my bags. Additionally, I like that it doesn’t have a zip closure but a press-stud one. I usually found whenever I used a zip, sometimes the paper money does get stuck in between and I am left with damaged bills. I am happy I got the tan shade, it suits my color theme : )

First Luxury piece - Chloé Marcie Wallet

My Chloe wallet is my ideal wallet (p.s the black version is still in the sale). It feels so much better when purchased an item on sales that you really wanted.

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Thank you for reading, XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!


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