Aldo Bucket Bag – the Trendy IT bag

Aldo Bucket Bag

I recently picked up a handbag in the Aldo Black Friday Sale. It’s their Bankston (If anyone knows the meaning behind the name, leave a comment. I’ll love to know). Let’s cut to the chase, this is one of their Bucket bag styles. If you fancy the Staud Bucket Handbag, this one heavily resembls it but it’s way cheaper. I never owned a bucket bag before but I always wanted one. Currently, the bucket bag is one of the trending handbags. So this one was a nice entry point to my bucket bag craze. Hence, when I saw this bag in the store, I quickly grabbed it. I also got it at an incredible deal since it was Black Friday.

Aldo Handbag – The Bankston Review

Since I got this bag, I have worn it non-stop. It’s the cutest thing. It instantly adds an extra touch to my outfit. This type of style of handbag gives me a nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of those days when my mum used to take my sister and me to the market. She didn’t want us to feel left out, so she gave us our own little mini shopping buckets to fill with goodies.

The thing with this bag, even though it looks small, it holds a lot. Even if you stuff things inside it, it doesn’t offer that extra strain when carrying it. Plus It has a drawstring top to shield your stuff for you.  The quality seems very good too. Aldo offers that pro in selling long lasting products. The versatility of holding this bag is high. You can wear it as a cross-body bag, side bag or as a satchel. The strap is also adjustable. I’m happy that I go for the black. But there is another colour – natural.

Aldo Bucket Bag
Wearing The Bucket Bag as a Crossbody bag

Link to the Aldo Bucket bag

I’m very happy with my purchase. Something I should mention, this bag is currently on sale. So if you like to try out the bucket bag trend, this is your answer.

Thank you for reading. I hope my post is interesting. I’ll also link some other bucket bags that is worth checking out. 🙂 🙂

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