Trendy Summer Accessories #Stylish Summer 2018

Trendy Summer Accessories

Living in a country that has many seasons when spending most of your life in a tropical country can totally impact your fashion sense. It’s not a bad thing though because you’re constantly getting chances to switch up your wardrobe and experiment with new outfits. Your looks can turn from oh so boring to oh so fab fostering – a new beginning to happen more than once. But my favourite season to play dress up has to be the summer times. With so many bright colourful things selling, I can feel the ray of sunshine on my cloudy outfits. Our accessory can be the selling point to maximize the fruitful things of one’s outfit. Hence, here are my takes on summer 2018 accessory craze particularly targeting the straw trend.

Trendy Summer Accessories

Straw / Woven handbags – 2018 summer it Bag

One thing that I am definitely on board with for the 2018 summer trend is anything that is made with straw. This trend started way back in 2017 but I’m happy that it is back in 2018. I remember during my high school days, for my art class I had to learn straw making. If I did put more effort into that class maybe I could have able to create my own straw bags. lol. In my home country – Guyana – there are many people who make the wicker bags etc. As a result, when my mum comes to visit me, I ensured that she brought back me one of those straw handbags. Its way cheaper there. That’s handbags is my goto bag since I received it.

With so many designers and high-street brands offering different styles of the wicker bags / woven bags, you can’t go wrong. I love there are endless options to choose from. I will add links to some of my favourites straw handbags.

Straw Shoes

Another accessory that also composed of straw materials is shoes. But my favourite is espadrilles. I have been lusting over those from Soludos since last year but they can be very pricey. The best time to stock up on a pair is when summer is near to end or when it’s concluded. I love how cute their unique designs are. Many of the designs are related to things you can associate yourself with whether is your favourite fruit, drinks, words etc. I am happy with my latest pair of steal; the one with the flamingo design. It’s so stylish and pretty. I feel these style of shoes will never come out of fashion.

Note: if you’re planning to buy a pair, please size up. They do run small but can stretch over time too. So choose the perfect size. 🙂

Thank you for reading. I hope you found my post interesting. Please share your favourite pick of 2018 summer trends.



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