Nordstrom Rack Shopping Experience # Canada

Nordstrom Rack Shopping Experience

Hello, my lovely reader. The sun is shining, the trees are green and the flowers are still here. Definitely, it’s summertime in Canada. We spend a lot of time during the summer roaming around the place and enjoy the beautiful weather. We look well put together walking down the road rocking our summer dresses, wedges, the cute pair of sunnies etc. Our outfit tends to match the beautiful colourful surrounding and our mood reflects our glowing inner feeling. We truly are our own fashionista during the summer.

However, beautiful the word ‘fashionista’ sound, we still want to ensure we shop economically. Nothing wrong with owning good pieces at bargain prices. That is why you can find me spending hours browsing websites looking for exceptionally great deals. I love fashionable items but I hate losing money by paying full price for them. In a previous post, I mentioned some places that I shopped from and scored great things at lower prices. But this post is solely dedicated to shopping high-end pieces at Nordstrom Rack at a lower cost.

Nordstrom Rack Shopping Experience

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I shopped from Hautelook which is also part of Nordstrom family. However, that was when I was shipping my items to the US. But since I am residing in Canada now, I was hesitant to shop from them because I was worried I had to pay extra duties.

Nordstrom Rack Shopping Experience

Whenever I’m on the Nordstrom Rack site, I got exhilarated browsing through their enormous collection of different brands, styles, colours and things they sold. They have items from famous brands like Marc Jacobs, Prada, MCM, Guess, Steve Madden and a whole lot more. I’m practically drawn to their Accessories sections especially the handbags and the impressive sunglasses collections.

Because I want to stay safe, I only purchased one item. I got myself a lovely pair of Vince Camuto Sunglasses from them. I simply could not resist this cutie. Its give the vintage 80’s vibe. They are simply gorgeous. What makes me more excited, it only cost US$24.97. Without much thoughts, I quickly added them to my shopping cart.

Wearing the Vince Camuto Women’s Round 49mm Acetate Frame Sunglasses, colour MV-Mauve

But as I make my way to the checkout point, I was having this nervousness in my stomach about being bombarded with duties. I decided to chat with their customer service people. Unfortunately, that wasn’t much help. Because whoever I spoke with, was clueless.

Shipping Internationally

I decided to do what everyone normally does, Google!. Good thing I found some information related to someone commenting they did not pay any extra duties when they shopped from the Nordstrom Rack website. Hence, I decided to go ahead with my purchase. I should mention there is an international surcharge cost you pay which I believe is what takes care of the duties cost.

Because according to this website ““

An international surcharge covers the cost of any duties, taxes and related fees is calculated at checkout based on the amount of your order and the duty, tax and related fee requirements of the country you’re shipping to (including any tax-free threshold that may apply).The international surcharge will appear as a separate line item when you check out. ย No additional payment of duties, taxes ore related fees will be required upon delivery.

The only downside of shopping from the Nordstrom Rack which might not be a factor if you’re buying many things is the US$10.95 shipping cost. But with the great deals you’re getting, I’m sure you can able to compensate that incurred cost. In the end, I end up paying a total of C$54.99. The EXTRA PLUS, NO EXTRA DUTIES WHEN ITEM ARRIVED ๐Ÿ™‚ :). Plus I love my new pair of sunnies.

I’m currently lusting over the Marc Jacob bags on the website. Please know I am not affiliated with Nordstrom Rack. I decided to do this post because I would be happy to get this kind of information.

I hope my post is interesting. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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