Winter Style – Wake up your Winter Wardrobe

Winter Style

Winter is Coming! I am not referring to the first episode of Game of Throne. In reality, the place has actually started to get colder. As it inches toward the winter, our snow gears are becoming visible – gloves, boots, winter coats, scarf etc. Does this mean our outfits will now look dull and boring? I don’t agree. During the winter times, we all have the tendency to feel a bit down, sleepy etc. We just want to snuggle up under the blanket and watch our favourite series. P.S this doesn’t sound too bad. Unfortunately, we have to get up and rush to work, school etc.To add a little spark to our lives during the winter, we can start by livening up our boring winter outfits. I will share with you some tips that I feel we all need to incorporate in order to wake up our winter style.

Let’s start with the small things –


I love those cute winter berets that are being sold online especially those that have pearl embellishment and pretty design. For some reason, I’m a fan of anything that has pearls on it. I feel it does give a sophisticated touch to an outfit. During the winter times, I need to keep my hands warm. But I despise those gloves that are bulky. It looks very unflattering. Gloves are constructed to keep the hand’s frost free. But nothing is wrong with wanting the pretty ones. I love a pair of gloves that has bow details on it. Am I the only one who thinks that anything that has a bow on it gives the Gossip Girl vibes? Wearing a small accessory like a nice beret can give your outfit that incredible dose of style that it needs. Zara, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson are some of the retailers that carry some unique and stylish winter accessories.


If you are shopping for a new sweater, now is the time. I always categories sweater under comfy clothing – bulky, soft, nothing extraordinary. But this year, I seriously felt that the designers have given more attention in adding more interest to this boring apparel. So many different styles of sweaters to choose from – bell sleeves, bow details, embroidery design, ruffles and pearl embellishments. I was never a sweater girl but this year I found myself drooling over the styles that are currently trending. Plus, If you wear a proper sweater, you might get away with skipping the heavy coat. Layering is becoming a very cool trend too; a blouse underneath the sweater. Also, I love how people are rocking the long cardigan styles. Stay warm this winter but in style!


Thank you for reading. I hope this post is interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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