Sneaker Outfit Ideas – Get the Casual Look with No jeans

I never thought I would have fallen in love with the Sneaker Trends. I remember when growing up one of my relatives used to sport the sneaker style; she would wear sneaker with dresses. I used to find it so different from the styles I am accustomed to. In the early days, a person will usually have on sneakers when they incorporate jeans or gym wears in their outfit. Style updates!!! You can now wear sneakers with almost any type of clothing- dresses, skirts, trousers, romper etc. A sneaker is indeed the versatile accessory that everyone needs to have.

I got fascinated with this type of style from Pinterest. For me, pairing a sneaker with my outfit does add an extra uniqueness to it. Who could believe sporting something that is so casual can make you appear very stylish? Plus we all know how comfy a sneaker can be. Now, who can argue that being a fashionista means you can’t be comfortable in your attire?

The first sneaker I purchased was from Keds. When I got it that was my GoTo footwear. Before my new footwear obsession, I was one of those persons who only wear ballet flats; now it’s a completely different story. Pinterest is the tool for people to find their inner styles.

You will mostly find individuals having on a sneaker during the spring/summer times. But I feel this type of style can still be alive even in Fall. All you need is have on a pair of socks; this will give the extra layer to keep you warm. Plus there are sneakers that have the extra thickness that aid with keeping the feet warm in the colder months.

To give some Fresh Sneaker Style inspiration for a casual look, I have included images that have me sporting my new pair of white Adidas Superstar – the most comfortable pair of footwear I own plus it goes with most of my outfit. In none of these pictures you’ll see me include jeans as part of my outfit.

Sneaker Outfit Ideas


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