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cute stationery

Few more days remains before school reopens. However, for some, schools have already recommenced. Are You EXCITED?  Whether we are going to any educational institution or not, we need stationery items especially the basics – notebooks and pens. I am one of those people who will carry an attractive pencil case which has abundant goodies – sharpeners, pencil, highlighter etc. (Cute Stationery 🙂 ).

Majority of the times my studies or work required me to work on a computer. But I still found myself jotting down notes in my notebooks. Plus during exams, I prefer reading notes from my notebooks. However, nothing felt more excited when you are writing on a notebook that has a super adorable design like pineapple prints.

Due to technology, we can download a planner app in order to manage our occupied life. Unfortunately, there are not as beautiful as those eye-catching planners that make our eyes pop out due to their design. I know it’s weird that a 27-year-old gets enthusiastic when she sees an eraser that resembles a doughnut:) :). Adorable! Nothing strange, I just have a likeness for pretty things.

I will be pursuing a post graduate certificate course in an action-packed program,’User Experience Design’.So, I’m also part of the back-to-school shopping.

I will share with you some of the cuteness I found for your back-to-school needs.


You can now match your notebooks with your laptop – marble design, rose-gold design etc. Or if you fancy things that depict your favourites, get notebooks that have food or animals print covers.

cute stationery

Need something more versatile that you can always stash in your handbags – get one of those mini notebooks that can work as a notebook, to-do-list, address book etc.

cute stationery


The fine tip of a ballpoint pen lets you create the fanciest scripts, and now with a cool polka dot design. I’m totally a fan!

cute stationery


Nothing is more motivating than writing with a pencil that is engraved with a positive inspiring quote.

cute stationery

Erasers and Sharpener

These are pure cuteness.

cute stationery

cute stationery

Planners/to-do List


Staple Machine

staple machine

Sticky Notes

cute stationeryHope you find this post helpful :). Thank You for reading. 🙂 🙂 and Good LUCK To ALL 🙂 🙂 Make the best of your education…. 🙂 🙂

Notes: Images are from, and Indigo

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