Denim Styles Ideas – Summer 2017

Recently, I was browsing some websites about the summer trends for 2017. Some of these styles are very similar to previous years trends. We do not need to invest in a lot of new items for this summer. But we can combine various items in our wardrobe to create some wonderful summer outfits. We will definitely look like we are fashionistas for this summer 2017. hehe hehe!!!!!!!!

I combined some clothing pieces, accessories etc. that I think will make us be in the denim trends for summer 2017. Also, at the same time, we will be feeling comfy and stylish. Many of these items are similar to the items that we already have in our closet.

Outfit Idea One

Denim Styles Ideas

Almost everyone owns a piece of striped t-shirt and a girlfriend jeans. We can style these pieces for this summer by wearing a pair of lace up flats. Additionally, wearing a bright colour red bag and a lipstick will automatically make this simple outfit pop. What do you think? Is this the ultimate summer vacation outfit?

Outfit Idea Two

Denim Styles Ideas

We definitely know the half shoulder trends are in. Since on everyone’s Instagram, you’ll notice they have on either a half shoulder dress, top or a romper. When I saw this Zara dress, the flower and the half shoulder combination make I imagined a summer picnic, Barbecue.. oooooh Lalala la!!!!!

My Muslim’s sisters we can also wear these trending pieces. We only need two more pieces; a denim legging and a long sleeve t-shirt.

Outfit Idea Three

Denim Styles Ideas

Ok, lets go fruit picking now? Our Fav8 fruit “Strawberry”. Wearing a denim dress romper with a cute printed top will create the most adorable summer’s outfit. Especially, when pairs it with a cute wedge and a bright colour bag.These are my ultimate favourite pieces put together.

Outfit Idea Four

Lastly, wearing jeans with a striped shirt will create a simple and a well put together outfit. We can wear this outfit on a casual work day or when travelling. Wearing a Katespade Mickey tote bag and a pair of oxford shoe will enhance the sophisticated look of this outfit. Plus give it some cuteness. I love when we include little cute childhood pieces with our grown-up outfit. Mickey and Minnie will always be our fav8 childhood characters.


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