Tarte Colored Clay CC Primer – How to use

How to use the Tarte’s Colored Clay CC Primer?

The Tarte Colored Clay CC primer was the first purchase I ever made from Tarte Cosmetic. Therefore, I was very happy when I received it. Unfortunately, when I used the primer, it makes my face look patchy and awful. When applying foundation on top of it, my face looks more terrible.😡😡 Even tho I had a bad experience with this, I still did not give up on this product. It is not a cheap product. Luckily, I purchase this primer when was on sale. I still have to value my money!! However, recently I decided to try it back. I mix it with the Korres Pomergranted Mattifying primer and then the magic of the primer happens.

These two together make I did not need to apply a foundation on top. After I finish apply some concealer, I’ll then set everything with the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. My scars are less visible when I used this primer. It makes face looks natural, smooth and it feels silky. Overall I am now satisfied with the Tarte Colored Clay CC primer.  😊😊😊😊

Note, I have oily skin.


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