• Current Everyday Evening Skincare Routine

    Current Everyday Evening Skincare Routine

    Recently, I have updated my skincare routine. I am using some new skincare bits that seem to really work. So I decided to share my current everyday evening skincare routine with you guys. I already wrote about some of the products I’m using in other posts. But here I write mostly about new ones I’ve never written about. In a next post I will share my current morning skincare routine, so keep checking my blog for that if you’re interested in skincare routine like me. I love reading and watching youtube videos where people are speaking or writing about their skincare. My Current Everyday Evening Skincare Routine I’m writing about…

  • Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner Review

    Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner Review

    This one of those product that I contemplated on whether to get or not. Since this toner contained witch hazel I could have just get witch hazel to use as my toner which would have been a fraction of the cost of this clarifying toner – C$32. I get the Kate Somerville Clarifyingย toner because I recently started to get hormonal acne – painful cystic acne around my jaw area. So I wanted something that can help this. I have read that this toner really does a good job in clearing up adult acne plus it won’t dry up the skin. Also, it has properties that can help with lightening acne…

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    PRIM BOTANICALS Face Oil Review

    Usually I review products based on my opinion but this time I am changing things up and including my sister’s opinion about a product she was using, a face oil by Prim Botanical. My sister was experiencing skin irritation for sometimes which was making her very uncomfortable. She tried a lot of products to help her condition but unfortunately, nothing worked well like this. She was starting to feel very self-conscious because of her itchy and blotchy skin. I know probably there are others with this problem and I want to do a blog post about this face oil because I really saw how it helped her. But I could…