Wearing Checkered Pattern

Wearing Checkered Pattern in Fall #FalloutfitInspo

Bright colours, bold prints and patterns are the doors I am knocking on for this fall. I am happy that fall 2018 is on board with these trends. This means that any shop I stumble upon I’ll be able to get something to suit my taste. I don’t know if you agree but fall fashion this year has tremendously improved. Maybe is because the 70s and 80s styles are back and better this year.

Like some of my previous posts, I’m incorporating pieces that are in my wardrobe to create an autumn outfit to inspire you in your fall dressing. This week is all about the checkmate. Most people are heading for other plaid patterns but don’t forget our old friend, checker. This picnic-tablecloth textile is not only for summer. If styled correctly it can also be your companion throughout fall. We can bring any piece from other season but always pair it with something from the current season in order to make it work whether it is the hue, pattern etc.

Wearing Checkered Pattern

For this outfit, I’m sporting the safe black and white check. However, there are so many colours of checkered fabric offered in the market. Whatever kind you go for I’m sure you’ll create a timeless outfit that will carry you throughout the fall. Don’t worry, I’ll be adding links to checkered bits for you, keep reading for it.

My Instagram is a living proof that I’m a pants girl. That is why I choose to pair this checkered shirt with an autumn friendly shade pants from Uniqlo. Since we are on the topic of Uniqlo, I shopped from uniqlo.com for the first time and I’ll be doing a review on the brand. Keep on the look-out for that post.

By the way, if you’re not following me on the gram you should do so now, just kidding. But please do, its @yneedthis.

Anyways back to the outfit, lol. I am always going off topic. lol. I wanted to create a retro fall look which explain the reason for adorning this outfit with bold colour accessories – blue hijab, yellowish bag and brown boots.

Shopping time – Checkered bits and bobs

(1) Link to the Cambridge Satchel Company Push Lock Handbag (p.s the yellow is sold out)

Thank you for reading 🙂 🙂 I hope my fall wardrobe is inspiring yours 🙂 XOXOXOXO!!!!!

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